Who or What is F.A.S.T.?

In November 2004, 800 people from diverse backgrounds throughout Pinellas County gathered together to form the F.A.S.T. Organization to provide congregations with a tool to do effective justice ministry in Pinellas County. In 2005, F.A.S.T. gathered 1,200 people to take action on community problems at a Nehemiah Action Assembly (held in Holy Family’s church). In 2006, the number of people present at the Nehemiah Action grew to over 1,700 people. More than 2,800 attended the Nehemiah Action in 2010, and Holy Family had more than 420 people in attendance.

At present, Holy Family Parish is one of 40 congregations participating in F.A.S.T.

Click here for a list of the participating congregations.

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F.A.S.T. Issues and Accomplishments

During the 2010-2011 year, F.A.S.T. has continued to work on Drugs and Crime, Jobs, and Education. We are also monitoring the issue of affordable housing. Much is yet to be done! If you would like to be involved in this Social Justice work, please contact Stewart Goldie or Marty Brinsko at the numbers listed above.

F.A.S.T. Annual Assembly Report 2013 –  Click Here

For reports from the 2011 F.A.S.T. NEHEMIAH ACTION ASSEMBLY, click on the links below:

  • Education Report
  • Drugs and Crime Report
  • Drug Court Report
  • Jobs Report
  • Affordable Housing Report 

For reports on past accomplishments, click on the links below:

  • 2010 Nehemiah Action Assembly Score Card
  • Pre-Kindergarten Report
  • Senior Transportation Report
  • School Discipline Report

F.A.S.T. Annual Cycle 

Listening process (to build networks and surface community problems)

Research and action on community problems to develop solutions

Investment Drive (to build our power and become financially independent)
Rethinking Justice Workshop (to reach out to new congregations)